Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Craft Sale Part 2

In the 3 craft sales that I have done so far, there are a number of items that have sold very well.  I thought I would share these items with you:
  • Christmas cards
  • All Occasions cards - note:  people are looking for masculine cards

  • Christmas tags

  • Ornaments

  • Journals

  • Owl book mark
  • Butterfly bookmarks
  • Stepper (Fantasy boxes

  • Holiday candy packaged nicely
  • Post it Note Holders

  • Gift card holders
  • Wine tags

Most of these items I sold out of at the second show, so I had to work my buns off to increase my stock again.
The other thing people were asking for:  catalogues, information on classes, my business cards (be sure you have plenty of those)
I put my business cards in designer holders because I find people are more likely to hold onto these for a while.  I actually got at order from a person who held onto my card for over a year. To make these designer business card check my blog post here

Hope you have found this information helpful.

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