Monday, October 22, 2012

Hand of Man Craft Show, Oct 19, 20, 21

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was a vendor at the Hand of Man Craft Show in Peterborough, Ontario.  The above is a video clip that was made by CHEX TV to promote the event.

This is the sign that was outside the door enticing people to come in.

Before I went to the event, I had a request that I write a blog post about my experience at this show.
I must admit this was a very long show, and I was very tired when it was over, but the experience was worth it - even if Christmas is 60 some days away -people were not really in the Christmas mood.  I must admit, even I wasn't ready for Christmas music being played all day long for 3 days. 

Why was the Christmas show so early?  It's a matter of availabililty of the facilities.  Usually this event is later in October close to or on Halloween - that's when people start thinking of Christmas shopping.  But others had booked this building - so the Guild had no choice but to be hold the craft show earlier.

But, I met a lot of people, including other vendors and potential customers. There were almost 100 vendors there and some of the art work was stunning!!  I felt honoured to be among them and share this experience.

I sold a lot of cards (and not just Christmas cards) and other gifts, got new customers and students for my classes - and got contacts for other shows. At these shows it's not always the selling that is important.......

Here is a picture of  the main table in my booth.  There are 2 more side tables.

Tomorrow I`ll post close up pictures of some items that were on my table.
I hope the above information is what people were looking for.  If not, feel free to comment, ask questions etc.

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Joyce Fisher said...

Congratulations Maria,

I'm glad that your craft show was successful. Your display looks fabulous.

Peace, Love & Joy,

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