Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stampin' Fun and Friends - Cards, cards, cards

The next session of Stampin' Fun and Friends starts on November 1st and goes until November 28.  In that time period (28 days) there are 20 projects, all cards, revolving around Fall, Christmas and New Year. For this session some time was built in to allow you to make the cards, complete challenges etc. See the ad in the side bar.

This session has chat sessions as well.  What an opportunity to get to talk to an actually card designer!! - answer any questions you might have etc.

I am one of the designers on this site, and would love it if you joined us for a unique card making experience.  The cost for this session is $20.00 - about $1.00 per project - a bargain in my book. 

There is a paypal button in the side bar right above the ad for this session, so come and join us on November 1.

Hoping to meet you and talk with you in our chat sessions.

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