Monday, November 28, 2011

Tutorial - Festive Bird Ornament

This ornament is adapted from one I saw in a magazine. It is made with all Stampin' Up products.

  1. One piece of Marina Mist card stock 11 by 5 1/5 folded in half
  2. 3 pieces of Cherry Cobbler designer paper 12 by 1/2" (for the wing feathers)
  3. 2 pieces of Cherry Cobbler designer paper 12 by 1/2" and one piece 9 1/2 by 1/2" for the tail feathers
  4. Starburst embossing folder
  5. Champagne Mist glimmer paint and dauber
  6. 5/16 brads with prongs removed
  7. Rhinestone

1. Cut a rough outline of a bird body on a scrap piece of card stock.  Use this as your template.

2.  Trace outline of bird body using your template on the 5 1/5 by 5 1/5 piece of Marina Mist card         stock.     Make sure the top of the bird is flush  with the fold.

Cut the bird body out.

Emboss the body using the Starburst embossing folder and the Big shot.  Then, with a finger  dauber  apply Champagne shimmer paint over the entire embossed surface

3. Cut a 1 1/2" line in the middle of the bird body .  Mark with a pencil first and then cut with a craft knife. Make sure the slit goes through both sides of the bird.

4. Insert one of the 12 by 1/2" strips of Cherry Cobbler designer paper through both ends.  Center.  Bend over one end and insert through the slit.  Then fold the other side and insert through the slit on the other side until both ends meet in the middle.  Ensure that each half of the folded paper is equal is size.  Secure the ends with tape.

Do the same for the other 2 strips.  These are the feathers.  Fluff them up a bit until you are happy with the way they look.

5. Fold the tail pieces and attach to one side of the bottom end of the bird with tape.

6. Cut a triangular beak and attach to the bird.

7. Now attach both sides of the bird together.

8. To make the eyes  - Remove the prongs from  two  5/16" brads (black).  If you don't have black, use white or vanilla and emboss with black embossing powder.
Attach to the bird using a glue dot.
Add a rhinestone in the middle of the brad.

9. With a crop-o-dile punch two holes in the body on eith side othe wings and insert white baker's twine or ribbon.

Your ornament is now complete.
The size of the bird can be changed by altering the size of the body template and the size of the feathers.  Experiement and have fun

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