Sunday, November 27, 2011

Craft Sales this Weekend.....and some good news

Yes, I said craft sales!!!  I had 2 craft sales on the same two days - one in Buckhorn, and one in Lakefield.  How did I manage to be in 2 places at once?  Believe me it wasn't easy.
The craft sale in Lakefield "Christmas at the Marshlands" was set up boutique style, organized and run by a committee, with each item going through a central cash.  As a vendor I did not need to be there.  I just had to drop my stuff off and pick it up on closing.  One problem solved.
In Buckhorn, "In the Nick of Time" Christmas Craft sale, I did need to be there and could not leave my table unattended at any time.  I managed to get a different person to help me each day, so I could leave and check out how the sale was progressing in Lakefield.  Second problem solved.

It was a tremendously successful weekend for me.  My sales were through the roof!!  I'm getting quite a following in Buckhorn, and people were lining up waiting for me to arrive so they could buy their cards before they were 'picked over'.  Attendance was good both days despite horrid rainy weather on Sunday.

Here is a picture of my table set up at Buckhorn.  This is only a fraction of what I had for sale a couple of weeks ago.

I made friends with a lot of the vendors.  One fellow vendor and I decided we would do one of the make and take crafts available at the Community Center. Cost:  $5.00 - well worth it (the money was going to the children's Christmas party).  I wanted to make the cedar pine candle table center piece as well, but that activity was  available for children only.  Drat!!

Here is what we made.  That's me in the short hair - looking very tired!  And I was very tired by the end of the weekend.

So, if you haven't seen me posting regularly for a while, it's for a good reason.

I have another craft sale on Wednesday (from 7am to 6 pm)  and then on Sunday in Gannon Narrows.  I was asked to do another show on Saturday but I turned it down as I'm running on nearly empty right now.

On Wednesday evening  I also have a class from 7 to 9 pm.  and on the Monday following Gannon Narrows I have a workshop out of town.  Then I think I can breathe!!!

Another bit of good news--- I have been asked to be guest designer at The Friday Mashup for the month of December and start next week.  Of course I accepted.  I have a little fuel left in the old tank!

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Patrice Herrera said...

What a wonderful month you had! Glad to hear things a hopping! Now for some much needed rest. And you thought retirement was going to be easy lolol!

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