Saturday, June 6, 2015

Plant Sale and Pictures of my Garden

In early May my son dug up parts of some of my perennials.  This I do every year to keep their growth in my garden in check.  Rather than throw these cuttings away, I repot them and have a plant sale either the end of May or early June.
Last weekend I had the first (and I thought it was going to be my only) plant sale.  But a torrential rain and thunderstorm midafternoon put a stop to it

Late this week, I looked at all the plants I had left over and decided on the spur of the moment, to have another plant sale ---today!

And what a beautiful day it was!  Sunny and warm, but not too hot. A great day to sell plants.

I sold a lot of my plants, but I still have quite a few left over.  I'm hoping to donate them to someone who would like to put a garden in but can't afford the plants.

My own garden cooperated very nicely as a backdrop to the sale.  My Lilac tree (which I thought was going to be a small bush when I bought it) was in full bloom and the smell was marvelous!  Obviously my bush was not a bush, but a tree.

Here's some other pictures of flowers in my garden.  Some of them had "children" in the sale.

The bleeding heart gave me 6 "babies" of various sizes and all sold.  Next year I'll have white bleeding hearts to sell, as one of my customers kindly dropped one off for me to plant in my garden.

This is supposed to be a black Iris, but because it was growing in bright light, the colour was more a deep blue.  This same Iris growing under my tree in the backyard had blooms that are close to black. Various cuttings were taken from this plant and contributed to the success of the sale.

I did not split this double columbine.  It grew very fast and by the time I was splitting it was too big.

This bluet was very popular.  I had 6 plants, but I could have had 12 and all would have been sold.

One of my clematis' put on a spectacular show.  The blooms are extra large and I just love the color.

All of these plants contributed to the ambience of the sale and I did very well indeed.  Tomorrow I go shopping for clothes as I am going to Vancouver in 9 days.


Jane said...

Your garden looks fantastic Maria. Great show for a plant sale. Talk bout the "garden of Eden". I bet your lilacs smell wonderful too. You sure do have a green thumb. Mor is that 'Green Gumbal' thumb.

SunshineStamper said...

I'm envious of your garden! Absolutely beautiful!