Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sorry I haven't posted for a week - but I was getting ready for another Craft Show

Yes, another craft show!  And following on the heels of that is my all day Christmas card making class tomorrow.
Last weekend I sold out of a number of products.  True, a nice problem to have, but now nice if more shows are looming on the horizon.  So, I spend the week making more products, some of which can be quite time consuming.  I made my last one an hour before I drove out of my driveway at 5 p.m. yesterday.

This time the show was in a Public School, North Cavan Public School, a fund rasing initiative for that facitlity.  The table cost only $20 and a table, chairs and table cloth were provided. What a help that was, especially for setting up and taking down.  I did this show last year, and customers coming to this event were expected to come and place orders with the various artisans there.  I was the only one selling craft items they could take home with them.  Apparently the school population liked my approach so much, this year more artisans were asked to actually sell items rather than take orders.  It's not that orders couldn't be taken, it was just not the focus of the evening.

This was my table, one of many set up in the school gymn.  I always struggle between the fine line of putting too much on my table, and not enough.  There is at least 2 more containers of products under that table, that I put out as things get sold.

I made some items that I thought might appeal to the children.  After all it was their school, and they were probably given an allowance to buy some Christmas presents, or just gifts for themselves.  I made a lot of Owl bookmarks and some Stepper boxes and I had some other lower priced items.

I sold over 1/2 of the bookmarks I brought with me.  I didn't put them all on the table, so when a child wanted to buy one I had them select the one they liked.
One bought one of my snowflake ornaments, and she was tickled pink she could pick out the box to put it in.

In other craft shows I had trouble keeping these on the table they sold so fast.  That was not the case tonight, but I was ready just in case.  This is one I made from retired DSP and I displayed the purple one on purpose as so many children have told me they like only purple and purple only!!

One little girl took an hour to decide which one of these decorated note pads she would buy for her mother.  She ended up buying the one if the DVD case.

There were door prizes, and even I won one.  I haven't checked to see what it is yet, but I was excited just to win one.  I provided some small SU hand made items and packed them in a wine bottle container and packed a few items on the side (e.g. box of 3 by 3 cards).

10% of my earnings were given back to the school, and I didn't mind as I knew this event was a fund raiser.  I just wish I had earned more money for them, but I was pleased with the $70 seeing as I was mainly selling to children.

I met a number of vendor friends this time.  Here is one of them.  Her name is Christie, and she and her mom sell jewellry.  I can't tell you how many shows I have done with her.
Tomorrow I am doing an all day Christmas card making class with my clients.  Each will make 10 Christmas cards and a tag.  I'd better get myself ready.  Check out the Facebook page here

One more craft show at the end of the month!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  At the end of the show a lady came up to me and invited me to their Craft show in the spring.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lindsay Craft Show Day 2

I'm tired!  It's been 2 days of intensive selling without too many breaks.

Again there were a lot of individuals looking for card making classes, and towards the end of the day I found someone who teaches classes in Lindsay - and she uses Stampin' Up materials.  She's not totally set up to teach yet as she's new to the area as well, but will e-mail me when she is and I will refer everyone from Lindsay to her.  I'm really glad I found her because the highway between Lindsay and Peterborough can be quite treacherous in the winter and I'd hate to have someone hurt just to drive to a card making class in Peterborough.  It seems scrapbooking and card supply stores are closing all over the area.  The one in Lindsay closed about 4 years ago, and even their dollar store does not carry craft items any more.  Their closest craft supply store is Peterborough, or Oshawa. That's why I handed out so many catalogues this weekend.

There was a steady flow of people coming to my booth.  Sales were down somewhat but I was expecting that.  The sales of the second day of a 2 day show are always less.  One item I could not keep on the table today were the Stepper Boxes.  I managed to made just one last night (I was too tired to make more) and it sold within 5 minutes.  I did precut materials to make 2 more boxes at the craft show but that was all I could manage.  After I made one, it was almost sold out from under my nose and it wasn't even decorated.
You can see the finished box in the upper right of the picture.  The second box is well under construction and I did manage to finish it today.
Other popular items:  owl bookmarks, butterfly bookmarks, trivets, tags, and Christmas cards.

Someone even wanted to buy the Christmas tree I had made from old Christmas ornaments which had lost their tops.  I had hot glued them to a pyramide piece of styrofoam.  Mind you it did look nice, but had sustained a bit of travel fatigue and I couldn't in good conscious sell it.

 On the way home it was snowing, and highway 7 was closed from Lindsay to Omemee.  I was directed onto a country road I had never seen before, hoping it went somewhere I could return to Peterborough.  After quite a drive, I came across  highway, the name of which I recognized, and I felt oh so relieved because I knew it went to Omemee. Because of this detour the drive home took 1/2 an hour longer.

Total sales:  $350.00.

Next craft sale is on Friday at North Cavan Public School, a fund raiser for the school.  In the meantime I am getting ready for my all day card making class a week from today.  No rest for the wicked.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lindsay Craft and Home Show

This is a 2 day Christmas craft show in Lindsay, about 45 minutes north of Peterborough. It is being held in conjunction with the Home Show.
We had the opportunity to set up our booth the day prior to the start of the show.  So, I decided to take advantage of that.
Have you ever read an e-mail a million times and still got the information wrong?  Well, that's what happened to me. 
I had had a very stressful day with my daughter who is going through a horrendous divorce.  I was so stressed I did not read the e-mail correctly.  According to the e-mail, the set up time was from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday.  What time did I read?  7 to 9 p.m.  How I got that I have no idea, but I left the house at 6:30 figuring I would have plenty of time to set up and get home in time to go to bed early.
Of course that didn't happen, because no sooner had I unloaded the car and started to set up, the building was closed.
Here is a picture of me unloading the car.  I had the tables and a few boxes on a dolly.  The rest of the containers were already in the building.  It's very dark, and there is a bit of snow on the ground.

This is about as far as I got with setting up the night before.  Tables and chairs were not provided so I had to lug all that with me.

The next morning I left the house about 6:30 A.M. so I would have plenty of time before the show opened at 9 am.  If there's anything I hate is being rushed.  The set up went very smoothly and I had some time left over to walk around to see what other vendors were selling.

Here's 2 side views of  my set up.  The lighting in the building wasn't very good so I had to play with my photo shop program a bit.

Today was a wonderful day.  The attendance was good and sales were brisk.  I sold out of a number of items including Stepper Boxes, owl book marks, butterfly bookmarks, decorated note pads, ball ornaments, and serious damage was done to my Christmas cards.  I went from 2 racks of cards to one rack.  And, I have 2 more shows to go.  I was very tired by the end of the day (5 p.m) but went straight to work after eating supper.

I was amazed at the number of individuals who told me they were looking for a Stampin' Up demonstrator in the Lindsay area.  I gave out a number of catalogues, and my contact information.

By the way, I had a wonderful compliment from an elderly gentleman who took one of my business cards.  "This is one of the nicest business cards I have ever seen!"  He told me I should go into the business (of making business cards for other people).

All in all, I had a great day.

Tomorrow it starts all over again, but I don't expect as many sales.  The Santa Claus parade starts at 1 p.m so most people will be out there watching for Santa.  I'm bringing work with me to do.
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