Thursday, September 14, 2017

Test Tube Treat Holders

New in the Holiday catalogue this year are plastic test tubes with a cork stopper.  They come 12 to a box.  Fill them with candy and they make wonderful treat holders.  A work of caution:  I wanted to fill them with smarties.  The smarties were too large and would not go to the bottom of the test tube.  So, I got smarties crisp and they worked very well.

How to make:
1.  Cut a strip of card stock 3 by 6" scored at 2 3/8, 3, and 3 5/8"
2.  Fold in half at the 3" score line.
3.  Using a pair of paper snips, make a cut 1" from each end on the fold line to the 3" score line.
4.  Push the center portion in to become the holder for the test tube.
5.  Decorate the front - 2 by 2 3/4" card stock layered with 1 3/4 by 2 1/2" of DSP.
6.  Decorate the front as desired.
7.  Wrap a piece of Baker's twine around the top of the test tube and tied at the bottom.

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