Sunday, November 27, 2016

Craft Show at the Wellness Center - and a future stamper

Today was my second craft show in a row and I will admit to being tired.  However, I was able to spent time with a 10 year old girl, the daughter of a vendor who's table was next to mine. And I hope she will become  a future "client" of mine. Children are  never too young to get involved in crafting are they?

The show was at the Wellness Center in Peterborough - a fundraiser for the Peterborough Huskies special needs sports programs.  100% of the proceeds of the show go to this organization, which I totally support.

So, how did I get this child involved?

Usually I bring some task with me to do.  Today I brought some old die cuts given to me by a customer because she didn't know what to do with them.  Honestly, I didn't know what to do with these die cuts as well, but I was willing to experiment. So, I started making a box,  a cute little box actually. This young lady was fascinated by what I was doing and like a bee to honey she came over to find out.  When the box was done she asked me if she could decorate it. I had limited supplies with me, but I did have a pair of scissors, some glue, my "retired" watercolor pencils and  a blender pen. I showed her how to use the blender pen and left her  to create. She had so much fun, she decorated box number 2, 3 etc until over 10 boxes were decorated. Her mother was a bit worried that she was bothering me, but I reassured her that her daughter was having fun and that was what was important.

Below is a picture of some of her creations - all her own ideas. She even fashioned reindeer antlers out of scraps (see the light blue box below)

She has plans to make these into gifts to give to family and friends.

So, how did the show go for me?

Not the greatest monetary wise, but I think that's a moot point.  Seeing this little girl have so much fun made up for the flat sales.  A future stamper?  I hope so.

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