Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wired Ribbon Angel Ornaments

I'm doing a 3 day craft show next weekend, and I thought these little tree ornaments would be a perfect addition to my craft table.

I came across a series of video tutorials done by Oneveryhappybird on Pinterest and the one she did making these wired ribbon angel ornaments caught my eye.  Its a great project to use up some of the wired ribbon I have stored away.

Aren't they the cutest little things?
Some of the bells for the head were silver, and some I embossed with gold embossing powder to match the gold in the ribbon.

The ribbon above was 2 1/4" wide and had a fairly narrow gold edge.  It would be better to have a wider edge, but that was all I had.

It took 14" of this ribbon pleated into 7 folds to make the body.  Keeping the ribbons folded closed, the top gold edge was cut off and stapled together.

The wing was made with a 10" piece of ribbon - again fan folded to make 5 folds.  This piece was folded in half and after unfolding, a staple was placed on the fold line.

A hot glue gun was used to put the angel together.  First the wings were adhered to the body, and then the bell was adhered to the top of the wings.  A tag cord was inserted through the notch in the top of the bell.

An embellishment (metal rimmed rhinestone) was adhered to the area where the wings and body met. 

After the glue dried, the folds of the body and wings were fanned out.

I experimented with using a smaller 1 1/4" wide ribbon  and I was quite happy with the result.  Below are the two angles side by side.  A smaller jingle bell was used for this smaller angel.

Supplies Used:

. 2 1/4" wire ribbon 14" and one piece 10" or 1 1/4" ribbon.
. stapler
.hot glue gun
.jingle bell (silver or gold)
.gold embossing powder (optional) and versa mark
.an embellishment
.tag cord

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