Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Harvest Craft Festival in Buckhorn 2015

A Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  I hope you had lots of turkey and all the trimmings, and some pumpkin pie etc.
Me?  I wish I had!  I was working at the Harvest Craft Festival in Buckhorn, Ont. from Saturday, Oct. 10 to Monday Oct. 12.  Set up was Friday Oct. 9 so that took up a good 4 to 5 hours.

Not only did I have to set up my booth, but it had to be decorated, So I thought of  of a branch mounted on the wall and with fishing lines hanging down at different levels with autumn leaves and snowflakes attached to them..  I couldn't find a branch, but looking around the deck I saw this decrepit old broom.  Perfect.  It took a while to set up but I quite liked the way it looked.I had a lot of comments from customers and from vendors as well.  I also put some 3D Designer paper stars at each end they sold in no time.  Both wreaths sold as well.

The weather was perfect - sunny and mild, and people came in droves!!!  This was the one time I should have had 2 assistants to help me at my booth.  So many people came I was run off my feet!  No time for lunch, coffee etc. people just kept coming!  The hallways were crowded and at times you couldn't get near my booth!  One time I did take a nature break, and people were lined up to pay when I got back.

One thing was really nice - a lot of customers were return customers.  They came especially to look me up and to buy something else from me.  "I was here last year and I bought a birthday card which went over so well!"  "I bought a stepper box and am now looking for another"  "Did you make any more magnetic book marks?"  "What do you have new this year?"  I would say that most of my customers were repeat ones!  One customer I see every year, and this year she thought that I had had a team of people making all my "goodies" for me.  I wish!!

One thing I did not make a lot of were design lollipops - and many people were people looking for them as gifts for their students in class, or office staff.  So Saturday night I quickly make up a dozen , which were sold out in the first hours.

My most popular item:  the pumpkin curvy boxes with the web and the witch's hat ( sold at least 25) and could have sold more if I had any more.  The second favourite  one was the turkey curvy box with the tail feathers.  My cards sold well as well.

I ran out of room on the table, so I brought a wrought iron stand and used wooden clothes pins to attach them.  The Thanksgivng, Halloween, and Christmas tags were mounted there.

I sold out of so many items I worked late into the night to make more - something I would not recommend that you do.

My cards sold a lot better this year.  I reduced the price to $3.50 each, and most people bought not one, but two or three cards, Christmas and General Nature.  I think that's where my price point will stay for now.

Here are some more pictures of this craft show:

That's actually a black raven beside the Halloween pail.  One of the Autumn leaves had fallen on his back.

All Seasons tray with curvy boxes on top.  Tray sold as did all the curvy boxes

One side of table.  On the wall was a poster board promoting my "Class to Go"  I think I have a few possibles.

Several people were interested in my classes as well, so I provided them with my blog and web site.  One person I handed catalogues to.
That was a very successful craft show for me - the best ever.
My only advice - don't get over tired.  Take someone to help you.
Two hours before the show ended, I was sent to hospital with extreme fatigue.  I'm okay now, but it was scary.

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