Thursday, June 11, 2015

Update on my plant sale

Yesterday, a Marina bought the majority of my left over plant to make a garden.  They gave me a nice chunk of money.
Then I got 2 e-mail orders.  One for 12 variegated hostas, which is didn't have as the Marina had bought them all.  But I offered to dig up one of my larger hostas and was able to make the number of hostas she wanted.  Actually, it made 13 plants, but I threw the extra one in.
The second person wanted 2 large "Elephant ear" hostas and a white Astilbe.  This I was able to accommodate.  Both these gals are coming today to pick up their plants.

I now have made more than enough money to finance my trip to Vancouver to see my sister.

Here's some of the latest pictures of my garden.

Blue Pincushion flower

Clematis - the vine is now loaded with flowers

Poppy - the inside fascinates me.

So, I'm off to Vancouver on Monday and will be away for a week.
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