Thursday, June 11, 2015

Update on my plant sale

Yesterday, a Marina bought the majority of my left over plant to make a garden.  They gave me a nice chunk of money.
Then I got 2 e-mail orders.  One for 12 variegated hostas, which is didn't have as the Marina had bought them all.  But I offered to dig up one of my larger hostas and was able to make the number of hostas she wanted.  Actually, it made 13 plants, but I threw the extra one in.
The second person wanted 2 large "Elephant ear" hostas and a white Astilbe.  This I was able to accommodate.  Both these gals are coming today to pick up their plants.

I now have made more than enough money to finance my trip to Vancouver to see my sister.

Here's some of the latest pictures of my garden.

Blue Pincushion flower

Clematis - the vine is now loaded with flowers

Poppy - the inside fascinates me.

So, I'm off to Vancouver on Monday and will be away for a week.


jsellers50 said...

Are there any left and would you ship to Georgia?

Mayberry said...

Your flowers are just beautiful. So glad you made enough to visit your sis. Love you paper craft ideas too. Thanks for sharing. Mary Binder

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