Saturday, May 2, 2015

Craft Event at Peterborough Public Library

Today's event at the Peterborough Public Library was a disappointing event.  Although my sales were not bad, the attendance was poor. 
Despite heavy advertising, only 150 people attended this event - 100 less than last year.  To say the organizers were upset puts it mildly.

I was able to book a second booth because there was a cancellation of a vendor at the last moment - so I had 2 tables side by side.  Believe me when I say that I made full use of this space.

When a local craft store closed, I was able to purchase 2 large crates, and a shelf unit, which is used in this event.  You'll see them in the pictures below.  These items enabled me to build my display up rather than across.

What sold today?  Mother's Day cards, baby cards, owl book marks, telephone/address books, decorated note pads, stepper box, magnets, and a few other assorted items.  I was rather disappointed that the Mother's Day baskets did not sell.  However, I had the foresight to not label them as Mother's Day baskets, but rather a more generic "thinking of you".  I can now sell them in a craft show in the middle of May.

Here are some pictures:

I am tired, and I am disappointed!
However, a contributing factor, I believe, is the weather. 
Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous!!  It was the warmest day of the week, and if I weren't a vendor at a craft show I too would be spending time outdoors.  

Well, on to planning for the next show in 2 weeks.

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carolscards said...

What a lovely display! Where do you get your card carousels from, Maria?