Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hand of Man Craft Show Day 3

The show started at 11 a.m today, a much more humane and reasonable hour.  People were lining up to get in, so again I didn't get a chance to look around to see what other vendors were there.

A lot of people came through the building, but again, a lot were "lookers", not buyers.  My sales were really sluggish, but I had a lot of people in my booth.  I did a lot of talking, but not necessarily selling.  But the former can be positive as well.

I brought work with me today.  I die cut a dozen spiral flowers, and sat and made roses for the first hour or so.  One little boy stood and watched me with wide open eyes.  He was fascinated by what I was doing.  Quietyly he walked away and came back with his mother.  "Are the roses for sale?" she said.  I looked at the little guy and his eyes looked so hopeful I replied:  "Of course".  He was really worried that he could afford this little flower.  He was so happy when I told him 25 cents would do, and I made a big do about wrapping his flower up for him.  He left a happy little boy.

The remaining roses I gave to individual vendors just because!  They were absolutely delighted - and surprised that I could make a rose out of paper.

The usual things sold today.  Again, all occasion cards sold more than Christmas cards, and again I'm close to selling out of decorated note pads, & tag/ornaments.  I also need to made some more designer business cards.  See a post I wrote about how I do this here  People tend to keep these cards rather than toss them.

How successful was my weekend?  Well, the total income was again $500.00.  So two very successful craft fair weekends.
I get a week off before my next craft show, which is a one day affair out of town.

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