Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hand of Man Craft show Day 2

A good day, although not as good as in Buckhorn - but I still did very well with my sales.
The day was very slow to get going.  Although there were people shopping in the building, they were not buying.

Outside the Peterborough Outdoor Market was going on and the crowds there were massive - they usually are.  So most people were buying their fruits, vegetables, meats, etc for the week, and then they decided to come inside to buy some hand made gifts.  So, after a slow start, all of a sudden there was a surge of people, and I had a lot of visitors to my booth.

I talked to a lot of people about Stampin' Up and its products.  There were a number of people who used Stampin' Up products but had no demo, and hadn't stamped for a while.  So, our conversation rotated around how to get supplies, and about my classes - and again out came the catalogues, class information and my business card.

My sales went well again.  All occasion cards (birthday, sympathy, get well) sold better than Christmas or Halloween cards.  I don't think people are in the Christmas mode yet.  As a matter of fact, one lady on leaving my booth commented facitiously on the fact that looking at the various booths "one would think Christmas was coming soon".  I realize this is only October and I guess because I had to be prepared, everyone should be at that point as well. Other items selling well - my handstamped glass candle holders, alcohol ink stained trivets, Christmas tags, Decorated Halloween suckers (one lady bought 3 bags of 10 each about 15 minutes before the show closed).

Just a note about Christmas cards - quite a number of people were looking for religious Christmas cards - specifically the Nativity scene.  Stampin' Up should have had more religious related stamps in their catalogues this year.  I used last year's Nativity Scene to make some cards and that saved the day.

Total sales today:  $170.00 (I'm still happy about that)

Here are some pictures.  I finally got my camera working.

This is the sign outside the building.
This is the main table.  We were not allowed to pin or attach anything to the curtains around the booth, so I put the SU sign hanging from the central table.  The Halloween and Christmas cards are on racks on this table.
One of two side tables.  My rack of All Occasion cards was well used today.  The trivet you see here was sold as was the box of tags and 4 alcohol stained coasters. 

The other side table.  Both the trivet and the journal were sold.

Tomorrow the show starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 4.  I don't expect a busy day as 3rd days of shows usually are slow.  I'll bring some work with me.

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