Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lattice Die Ornament

I was inspired by Lynn Pratt's Lattice Die ornament which I saw on her blog here
I did a slight variation of the ornament - using 2 colors - red card stock  and  silver glimmer paper.

Using the lattice die cut 8 red and 8 silver glimmer lattices. 
Tip:   When using the glimmer paper in the big shot or punching it, peel one of the layers from the back o
Fold each lattice in half- good side to the inside
Glue a red and a silver glimmer half together using the two way glue pen.
Tip: Pay particular attention to the ends of the lattices making sure it is glued really well
Do this to all the halves until the ornament is complete.
Tie a ribbon to the finished ornament.

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