Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Card Class Workshop Nov. 20, 2011

An all day workshop was held Sunday, November 20, 2011 from 1000 A.M. to 3 P.M at Jade's Hair and Salon - the first event of this nature I had ever organized!

There were 7 participants.  Each participant had 11 projects to complete in the time allotted - 8 cards, 2 tags and 1 stocking gift card holder. Kits were made for each project.

The room was set up in station format, with each station having a picture of the project and typed directions on the back.  A clear acrylic picture frame was perfect for this.  Each station was numbered, as was the project and that number matched the kit given.  This format allowed each participant to work at their own pace, complete their project fairly independently and move on to the next station.  I set up 2 extra stations so there was always a place for someone to move.

Here you see everyone busy working at their stations. I met the gal in the red sweat shirt on the far side of the table, at the Buckhorn craft show in October.  She loved what she was doing so much she practically inhaled her work. 
Accessories for making the cards were placed on the far counter.

Although concentraton was intense at times, there was fun and laughter as well.
They didn't even want to break for lunch - and yes, that was provided as part of the class.
The gal in the red sweater and long blonde hair is Deb - my newest recuit.

My assistant and downline Jane helping one of the participants making her card.  I had just given her the Stampin' Up apron and she was very proud to wear it.

Here one of the participants is using the Big shot and the other is trying to get an ink pad (I had just told her to duck).

The youngest participant was a joy to have. Her love for card making was obviou and she worked meticulously and independently.
The whole group - tired but happy.  Everyone finished all of the projects with time to spare so no one felt rushed or overwhelmed and everyone was able to leave on time.  This was important for me because some had travelled quite a distance to come to this event.
Several went home absolutely exhilerated with the creative urge to continue to make Christmas cards.

Here are some of the comments:

"Absolutely wondeful workshop!"
"Best I've been at" 
"Loved the cards - they're just the way I like them"
"It was very well organized and the written instructions were very helpful"

Now everyone wants to do an all day Scrapbooking session - but in the New Year.

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