Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

I received this award on January 31, and I have finally made my selection of the 8 individuals to pass this award on to.  Check my blog posting for that date.  I have also listed them here.

   Tiffany Bauer 
   Sharon Field
   Liz Goldhawk

Contact these individuals and congratulate them.


Patrice Herrera said...

Maria, I am in shock! Wow It has taken me 5 minutes to write anything. My mouth is still open :) Me too, I am at a loss for words??? Thank You so much for thinking about My Little Patch of Dirt. I write this as tears are streaming down my cheeks. This is SO STINKING COOL! :)
With gratitude, Patrice

Liz Goldhawk said...

Thanks so much Maria... I am very honoured to be listed among these other very talented stampers (I'm a frequent visitor on their blogs too).

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