Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Anniversary Post

At the end of this month I will be celebrating the first anniversary of my blog.  I have learned so much in this year, and have grown as a demonstrator and card maker.
When I first started my blog I remember wondering if I would ever get 100 hits on my blog.  Well, I got 100, then 500, then 1,000, and now close to 70,000 individuals have visited my blog - visitors from all over the world.
I also have 76 followers.
My blog has won an award; some of my cards have won challenges I entered.
This week I am celebrating by posting some of my earlier cards, some you might not have seen because you weren't visiting me then.
Here are 3 cards from the early months of my blog.   Enjoy. Next Tuesday I'll post 3 more.


Frances said...

Congrats on your "Blogaversary" number 1 - and many more to come for sure!

Patrice Herrera said...

Congratulations Maria, Wow it's so fun to see your blog grow and in only one year! That is so amazing. Well I know why, your work is spectacular and you are really creative I wish you much joy and another year of happy blogging my friend!

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