Friday, June 5, 2015

MDS Ending Soon and special offer details

  • June 2 was the last day to get MDS downloads and print products at discounted prices.
  • June 9 is the last day that Stampin' Up! will support the My Digital Studio product line. After June 9, all of the MDS websites will be taken down. That list includes, related content on the demonstrator website, the download manager, YouTube videos, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Make sure that you download and back up your digital downloads and software before June 9. For help with backing up files, see
  •  All of Stampin' Up!'s digital downloads will be discontinued, including everything related to MDS, convention and leadership theme songs, photos, class recordings, and all  other online classes.
  •  The MDS playlist of YouTube videos on the Stampin' Up! channel will be available (for the foreseeable future) via the following link:
My Memories Suite Offer
  • Stampin Up has worked with excellent partners to make the My Digital Studio product line. StoryRock, the partner who worked with Stampin' Up to develop the MDS software, has made an offer to Stampin' Up!'s customers and demonstrators. Some MDS users may know that the original MDS software was based on StoryRock's award-winning MyMemories Suite software. While the two softwares have diverged over the years, there are still many similarities--which  will enable MDS users to experience an easy transition to MyMemories Suite.
    MyMemories version 6 software is normally available for $39.99 USD, but StoryRock has cut the price to $19.99 USD for anyone who purchases the software via this special offer.
    Check here for more information on how to make the transition.

     On June 3, StoryRock made a number of additional print products available through the latest version of the MyMemories software. Stampin' Up! has worked with StoryRock to introduce some of themost popular print products, like additional card, photobook, and calendar options and sizes. These will be  posted  as a detailed list and StoryRock's prices on on that date.

    While Stampin' Up! will not sell any digital downloads after June 2,  an agreement has been reached with StoryRock to offer a limited number of  SU's existing digital downloads for sale via a Stampin' Up! section of the online store. You can expect to see a limited selection of digital downloads appearing on the online store over the next few months. The price for downloads through the online store may vary from SU's prices.

    Stampin' Up! will no longer support the MDS software after June 9, 2015. MDS will continue to work on existing computers for the foreseeable future.  But, it is very probable that the software will not work with the upcoming Windows PC and Mac operating systems. It is also possible that other critical component updates like Java may cause the software to stop working as intended.

     In short, if you would like to continue with digital design on a supported platform, it is recommended that you switch to the latest version of MyMemories Suite. MyMemories Suite consistently rates very high.

    Stampin' Up! will not provide support for switching your MDS projects and files over to MyMemories Suite, but StoryRock will be more than happy to help.

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