Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some Snow Photos - for those who don't get snow

In Canada we're used to this kind of weather - the extreme cold, the snow storms, the icy roads, the shovelling (and just when we get our driveway cleared, along comes the snow plow and buries the mouth of the driveway) etc.  Not that we like it, but it is a part of our daily lives.
Today it's snowing again, so I stepped out on the back deck and snapped a few pictures.

After a while you don't know where to pile the snow anymore.

The snow on the tree branches is kind of pretty.  Notice the bird bath (in front of bush) is almost buried by snow.

Care to catch some rays in this "cool" lawn chair?

Looks like I'll be ready to plant flowers in those pots any time now!

Now, this bike is "real cool".  It should be able to navigate the unplowed roads very nicely!

Really, I make fun, because what else can you do!  As someone once told me "this too shall pass"


snowdraak said...

You could send some of the snow our way! Snoqualmie ski resort is closed because of our warm Washington weather. :(

greenize said...

Maria, not sure where you live, but I am in Kentucky and we got a total of around 20" this last week. You cannot see some roads, I think some people have been stuck the whole week in their homes.

Betty said...

Here in Central Texas, we don't have My daughter sends me pictures from Ohio to give us an idea of what it's like. Thanks for the pictures. Love them.