Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Pot of Succulents - a class project

Yesterday I was experimenting with the Succulent framelits, making plants of various sizes and colors.  One thing I really like to do is make flowers, so I was having a good time watching various videos, playing with colours and then decided to create a project that could be done in class.  My students are always asking me to show them how to make flowers, so they will be excited.

Most of the projects I have seen are fairly large projects, with the succulents being placed in a large flat container with pieces of wood in it, or a large square wooden pot, but I wanted something small.  So scrounging around in my gardening supplies I came across a container of 2" peat pots.  Perfect.

Before going any further I decorated the peat pot with banners of Succulents DSP and adhered a Sweet Sugarplum cotton ribbon around the top of the pot just under the lip.

A Styrofoam Easter Egg fit perfectly in this peat pot, but one of the ends had to be cut off to make it level with the edge of the pot.

Hot glue  adhered this Styrofoam egg to the bottom of the Peat Pot, and more hot glue around the top adhered the Spanish Moss to the Styrofoam.

The Succulents were hot glued to the top of the Spanish Moss.  I made a tiny one attached to a covered plant wire - an off shoot from the parent plant.

For the larger plant, one of each of the 6 dies were used.  I die cut a couple of sets using Mint Macaron cardstock and others using Old Olive. In addition to the larger plants, I also made some mediums sized ones and a little guy. 

To make the medium sized ones I omitted the one large one- for the smaller one the two larger flowers were omitted. One nice thing about these dies - You can make any size and/or colour of plant that you want.

Each petal of the Mint Macaron die cut was sponged with Old Olive ink, followed by Crumb Cake The tips of each petal were then sponged with Rich Razzelberry ink. 

I did the same for the Old Olive pieces

Each petal was then curled with a stylus (or whatever you have handy- The lid of  the tombo glue could be used). After all the petals were curled, the pieces were adhered together using tombo glue.  By not off setting the petals the resulting plant looks more realistic.

Above is a close up of the succulents make with the Mint Macaron cardstock.  This is my favourite.

Below it is a picture showing the Old Olive one.

These would make a lovely gift for someone.

Supplies Used:
  1. 2" Peat Pot (or similar sized container)
  2. Styrofoam Easter Egg with one end cut off
  3. Spanish Moss
  4. Mint Macaron and Old Olive cardstock (5 1/2 by 4 for a large plant).
  5. Inks:  Old Olive, Crumb Cake, Rich Razzelberry with sponges for each color
  6. Tombo glue
  7. Tot glue gun
  8. 1/2" strip of Succulent DSP
  9. Strip of Sweet Sugarplum cotton ribbon
  10. Stylus to curl petals
  11. Foam pad

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