Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jingle Bell Wreath

I bought these gold jingle bells last year at the end of the Christmas season. While cleaning out my storage room cupboards I found these bells and challenged myself to do something with them.  I remember reading on Pinterest that someone had made a wreath using the small jingle bells, so I decided to that with these larger ones.

Using some jewelry wire and a pair of nose plyers, a loop was made at one end of the wire.  One by one the bells were threaded along the wire until all were on (or so I thought until I went to stand up and found one in my shoe).  The two wire ends were tied together and the bells formed into a circle.

A length of gold metallic ribbon was tied around the top and became the hanging loop.  A bow, made with the same ribbon was adhered to the ribbon at its base. On impulse I placed the wreath around the neck of a gold deer sitting on the mantle. Below is a close up.

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