Monday, October 31, 2016

Craft Sale Hand of Man Oct. 28, 29, and 30 Another Wowser...

Three days is a long time for a craft show, especially is one is alone doing the sales.  But the time just flew by!!  But I admit, I am tired!

I must be doing something right because what a successful show.  Attendance was at a record high and my sales were through the roof.

So far this year the craft shows have been very successful.  What has made the difference?  I don't really know unless it is experience, experience, experience, and getting to know what customers look for from Stampin' Up and creating products in a skillful manner.  Packaging has also improved through the years, and customers tell me that more often than not it is the packaging that brings them to my booth.  Customers who bought from me also tell me that my prices are fair and reasonable --and I have repeat customers, customers who deliberately seek me out year and year.  And others come to my booth and tell me that last year they bought such and such and they still have it and use it, and their family member really loved the card they bought.

One gentleman told me that my booth was a "happy place". He was in my booth for quite a while just looking at everything before he made that comment and a purchase.
Others just wanted to talk card making, or scrapbooking or other artistic endeavors.  I talked with them all, enjoying these conversations immensely.

Because the vendor in the booth to the left of me was unable to attend due to a sudden emergency, fair organizers asked if I would like to use half of that booth (an additional 50 feet) and the vendor on the other side would use the other half.  Unexpectedly the other vendor did not want the extra space, so I was able to really spread out on that 100 feet of table space.

Friday night was rather quiet and most of the visitors to my booth were what I call "lookers" so my sales were rather flat, but wow, the place exploded on Saturday and Sunday!
People were lining up to come in the building, and I had so many visitors to my booth that I was making 3 or 4 transactions at the same time.  I could have used some help from door opening to door closing.  There was not time for eating or taking any sort of break.  I have to thank the person who's booth was beside mine, as she kept an eye on my area while I had to go for a break. A friend did come to help for the last 3 hours of Saturday and even she could not believe how busy it was!

People ask me what sold the most. Here is a list of the items that sold some selling out completely:  owl bookmarks, journals, decorated post it notes, Christmas cards, Halloween cards, Halloween treat boxes and cello candy, boxed cards, the pop and twist(pivot) cards, all occasion cards, tags, ornaments and so many other things. The spider pumpkin and haunted house treat boxes were a big hit. Even my little Christmas tree made using a toilet paper roll at its core sold.

I am tired today, yet "wired" by the success of the event.  Thanks to my friends and customers who stopped by to day hello.

A most successful event.

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