Monday, July 4, 2016

Why I continue to do Craft Shows

I have been wondering of late whether to continue doing craft shows.  After all, they are a lot of work, the days are long, the loads are getting heavier, and I'm not getting any younger.

However, yesterday something happened that changed things dramatically.

A mother came up to me and confronted me (but with a smile on her face) "You're the one who did it!'"  "You got her into this!" as she pointed to her daughter who was perusing another booth.

I said nothing, waiting for the punch line.  I recognized her from last year and she was pleasant at that time. Plus she had a smile on her face; her nonverbal was non threatening.

Apparently, when the mother/daughter duo came to my booth last year, her daughter had expressed an interest in making cards, but had no supplies. Since she was going to school she couldn't afford to purchase any.  I mentioned "Paper Pumpkin" as a viable alternative ,reviewed the various aspects of the product, and gave her a Paper Pumpkin flyer.  I did not give it another thought.

A year has gone by, and Inow get confronted by the mother.

Apparently the mother had given a year's subscription of the Paper Pumpkin as a birthday gift to the daugher.  The daughter was absolutely delighted.  She couldn't wait for the next month's orange box to arrive!  It was a great diversions from studying whenever she needed to take a break. "I now have a box full of cards" she said, and "I'm thinking of getting another subscription".  And she has graduated from University and is employed full time at a local hospital working in the lab "helping doctors diagnose cancer"

The craft/stamping bug had bitten.

She and her mother perused all of my cards, wondering how I made this card and that card and proceeded to buy 20 cards between them.

They returned to my booth twice and each time they bought more cards. Because they were the best customer of the day, I presented them with a small token of my appreciation - a large flower magnet.

When I gave her a copy of the current catalogue, I asked her if she would like to take her stamping up another notch and proceeded to show her the various card making kits.

They were so happy! I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart! What more could you ask for.

As they left the mom stated "I will see you next year, as we plan out vacation around this craft show". "We hope to see you then"

Ask me again why I continue to do craft shows!

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