Monday, April 25, 2016

Getting ready for Craft Show

I got a disconcerting report from my doctor last week.  Nearly all the joints in my body are riddled with osteoarthritis (including he knee when I had partially replaced 4 years ago), so I am in pain all of the time.
My concern now is if I will be able to continue doing craft shows.
However, I am going on now as if I can.  I have a 2 day one in May and that should be my test run.
Unfortunatley I am really slow in getting ready.
Yesterday I started making some Alcohol tiles into trivets and coasters.  They are not complete yet as I have to heat and water proof them, but you'll get a good idea on how they look.
These are the 3 sizes I made:


2 more coasters

Large trivet

2 neutral coloured trivets

Time permitting, I will make more, but I find I really have to pace myself.
Stay tuned

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