Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some good news - and some scary news

First of all, the good news---I have been promoted to Silver Elite, which means I am qualified to attend Center Stage.  But unfortunately, I won't be able to attend  for financial reasons.  But oh, would I love to.

Now for  the scary news---We very narrowly avoided a house fire this week.
Two days ago the electricity in the basement along the baseboards suddenly and dramatically went out.  Nothing I knew how to do suceeded on restoring power. My knowledge is limited to resetting circuit breakers, anything else I don't even try,  leaving it to the professionals. 

Frankly, I am terrified of electricity.  When I was 2 years old, I stuck a metal object in an electrical outlet -thinking in my mind I was helping my mother make tea. The resultant shock threw my body  across the room striking the wall on the other side.  I was not injured; my mother did not know what happened as she temporatily had her back to me.  However, I was severely traumatized to the extend that I would not speak for over 2 weeks, and freaked out everytime I came near an outlet.

Memories are funny things.  This incident brought back the "shock" incident just like it was yesterday, and I was that 2 year old girl lying on the floor across from that electrical outlet.

My son wondered why I was so upset.  I couldn't tell him, not realizing that I was reacting emotionally like that 2 year old.

An electrician that I finally called, found an outlet that had burned out, plus an overhead light in my storage room  that was very close to starting a fire.

We had a close call.  I am grateful  there was no fire.  I've been there, done that, and don't wish to do that again.

So, classes were cancelled for tonight.  They would have been cancelled anyway because of extreme weather warnings.

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