Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day everyone.
I hope Christmas Day was wonderful for everyone - that the turkey dinner was tasteful and the desert delightful, and there were lots of presents under the tree.

Our dinner was small and intimate this year as it was just my son and I and a friend for dinner.  Of course we had turkey with homemade dressing and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts and turnip (the latter two for me as I love both those vegetables and this is the only time of year I make them).  And of course there was gravy made from the turkey drippings!  My friend brought home made cupcakes and mmmmm they were delicious!

The Christmas cones (aka birthday hats) I set on a circle cluster of green and red beads that were around some large candles, and they looked marvelous.  Early in the morning I had made a 3rd smaller cone and decorated it with SU Christmas trees with a 3D glimmer star on the top.  I put a picture of the other two larger ones I made the day before.

I also made some napkin rings from the left over Christmas paper, added half a doillie and a decoration from another source.  It looked so pretty I didn't want to take the napking out to use it.

My friend brought a curvy box for both my son and I.  My son's was a reindeer, and mine was a cat. She make curvy boxes for everyone instead of Christmas cards as she said they were faster for her to make than cards.  I gasped when whe told me she had made over 60!  Most of them were Santa ones, but she did make one Maple Leaf one for a hockey lover.

Our presents were few, because we had just gone through a major, very expensive crisis so we toned down on the presents.  Just to have everything back to normal was a present enough.

Again, Happy Boxing day everyone!!

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