Monday, November 2, 2015

Hand of Man Craft Show Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2015

Yesterday I finished doing a 3 day craft show here in Peterborough. Actually, it was just across the road from me so I didn't have to do any driving.
It was a very successful show and lots of shoppers came to celebrate this Guild's 40th Anniversary.
But I must admit I am tired, and was very glad when it was over.  It was also my last craft show of the season. Sigh!

Day 1:  Friday Oct. 30
The day started at 9 a.m. for me as there were set up and volunteering duties for me.  Since a lot of vendors were arriving from out of town they needed directions as how to find their booths, as well as assistance unloading their cars.
By 1:30 I was starting to set up my booth.  It had to be set up by 3 pm with the show starting at 5pm that evening until 9 p.m. After setting up I returned home quickly as there was a dress code for this particular night (black and white with a bit of red).

My booth was large enough for 3 tables placed in a U form.  This picture shows the table at the back of the booth.  I had brough 2 large crates, string a line between them and placed cards on them.  You'll see close ups of the crates later.
The table on the right side of the booth held the cards and other goodies.  I had room beside the table to stand up a wrought iron stand to which I clothes pinned tags, Halloween goodies, etc.

On the left side I concentrated the Halloween goodies, the sales of which were brisk.  These all went home on Saturday at the end of the show as Halloween was that night - which left room for me to spread out my Christmas cards etc.

Some more Halloween goodies - decorated lollips, which sold quite well.

In the middle of the left table I put up a foam board promoting my "Class to Go".  I even wore a sign around my neck "As me about my Class to Go"  There was quite a bit of interest and almost all the information sheets were handed out.  Whether this will result in registrations I'll have to wait and see.

In the middle of the center table I had made some vellum light shades - that you put over a wine glass inside which is a battery operated candle.  Some of the ones I was selling were embossed, some just the original vellum paper.

Crate 1:  You'll see 2 alcohol ink trivets, with some star ornaments hung in front.  I later removed the ornaments as they were hiding the trivets.
A separate shelf unit held some curvy boxes and some bird houses that I had just learned how to make.

Some pillow boxes I had made.

Sales on Friday night were slow for me although there was a good crowd in the building.  There seemed to be a lot of "lookers" and not many buyers.

Saturday, Oct. 31 9-4
What a busy day!  There was a good crowd and today they were buying, although some people stated they weren't ready for Christmas and wouldn't even look at the Christmas stuff. What really helped was that the Farmer's market was also attracting crowds, and when they finished buying their produce they came inside to shop with us.
I had 2 people helping me so I had plenty of breaks, but I found it awkward as I am so used to doing these shows by myself.
Sales were excellent:  cards, decorated note pads, post it notes, curvy boxes, decorations, book marks (magnetic), tags

Sunday, Nov. 1  11-4
I must admit I was very tired, and sales were a bit slugglish.  No help today, so I spent some time colouring images for future cards.  My son and girlfriend came to help me take down, pack the car and unpack the car at home.  I was grateful for their help.

What I am going to do with the rest of the Christmas season I am unsure.  Suggestions have been sent my way but I am too tired now to think about it.  I'm sure something will come to me.

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