Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Stampin' Up Updates and Weekly Deals

1. Stamp sale: Everyone loved the 15-percent-off stamp sale last week. Approximately 181,286 stamp sets sold during that five-day sale! Wow!  I'd  like to congratulate the  inventory planners and manufacturing plant in Kanab--all those sales, and not a single stamp set went on backorder.

2. Stampin' Sponges: Stampin' Up has been noticing inconsistency in the shape of the sponges, and have changed supplies.  These new sponges are more consistent in size and shape, and work as well as the previous sponges.  Note:  new order no.  141337; however, if you can't remember OEX will prompt you to input the correct item number. 

3.  Every Tuesday, SU has deals for certain items.  For this week's deals, visit my web site at this location.  As a reminder, you can order any of these with a regular order, on-line or by e-mailing me.

The November 22 All Day Christmas card class has been cancelled due to lack of participation.  Those of you who have paid me will get your money back.
Instead, I will hold an extra class on Nov. 25 where Christmas cards will be made.  Call me if you are interested.

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