Saturday, July 25, 2015

Craft Show in Ennismore

Today was the first ever Saturday craft show in the Ennismore Heritage & Artspace Center in Ennismore, Ont.  This former Church, which is 150 years old, was in danger of being torn down, but the organizer of this event wanted to raise some money to save the church.  The plan is to have a craft show there every Saturday.  I hope this works because it's a beautiful building.  Perhaps not the best for craft shows because the only entrance has steps so supplies had to be carried in.

The day was v-e-r-y s-l-o-w, with few customers coming in to shop.  Despite this my sales were good.  Plus I had time to sit and talk to the other vendors. We closed up shop one hour early.

What was selling?  Stepper boxes, magnets, magnetic book marks, cards, a tote bag with a note card in it.  I did sell some SU supplies - 2 stamp sets.

One of the other vendors was a scrapper, but hadn't done any for a while because it was such a lengthy process and she just didn't have the time.  I talked to her about Project Life, and gave her a retired catalogue.  She has some friends who also scrap, and I offered to help them with their various projects if they were willing to come to Peterborough.  I hope I hear from her.

Here are some pictures of my table set up:

Now I want to show you some pictures of this old Church which has concrete walls at the front.

See those steps?  No dolly could tackle those!

Concrete walls on the front of the Church.

The inside main room has these lovely hardwood floors, huge windows with lots of natural light.

The organizer kept apologizing for the lack of customers, but that's not something that can be easily controlled.  I just made the most of it getting to know the other vendors, and yes, making fairly good sales.  Next Saturday I won't be there as I will be in Bancroft.

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