Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tissue Paper Flower

Now that my sisters are recovering somewhat I am starting to create again. Well, at least my younger one is - but my older sister is having a hard time accepting her serious cardiac diagnosis.  I suppose I would be as well, but her reaction is extreme!
I've been trying to make some tissue paper flowers using the Bouquet die, similar to the ones in the flower kit.  And I've been having some success, although the tissue paper I have been able to find is not nearly of the same quality of Stampin' Up's.

Not paying too much attention, I die cut a whole bunch of mall calypso coral flowers, and I wanted to die cut blue ones, as I was making the pansy.  I didn't want to waste those flowers, so I invented one of my own.

10 of the flowers were folded into thirds, and attached to a Jumbo sticky round. The cover on the jumbo sticky round was removed and the flower was adhered to a 2 1/2" circle punchie.  Still having a whole bunch left over, I decided to pile them up and put a fairly large brad through the hole in the middle, and then fold each layer over the brad.

Using a 1/8" hand held hole punch, I punched a hole in the middle of the first flower, inserted the brad covered flower into that, and unfurled the layers.

Here is the result:

I don't have a name for this flower.  Maybe one of you do.  Does it remind you of a particular bloom?

1 comment:

Melanie Simington said...

You should name your flower: Marvelous Maria.

Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and ideas.

I hope both of your sisters are on the mend soon.

Take care.

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