Thursday, March 26, 2015

Class on Bohek Technique

The class last night had a blast!  The topic was the Bohek technique and the stamp set used was "Banner Greetings".  There were 5 students present, and each student had 3 different colours of reinkers.  I made a tutorial for them to take home so that they wouldn't have to rely on their memory, which we all know can be faulty at times.

The backgrounds they made were absolutely gorgeous!  One girl started out by saying she didn't like orange, and I had given her Tangerine Tango as one of her colours.  But she went ahead with the technique and ended up loving it.  The class samples are posted below:





I think they all did great jobs.  Some have bought watercolour paper and are going to try this at home.  By the way, I had them tape the watercolour down with Washi tape and one student commented that she has finally seen a good use for this product - and ordered some.

The photos I took of the class are a bit dark.  Afterall, it was evening.

Next class will focus on Faux Shaker or Confetti cards.

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