Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year to All - and I played today

The New Year started really early for me as for some reason sleep eluded me, so I started taking down the Christmas decorations.  My plan was to have everything cleaned up so that I could play in the afternoon.  I had invited a friend and fellow crafter, Jane, over to play with Alcohol inks.  Now, I'd like to try making my own alcohol inks using the SU reinkers, I just haven't had the time to figure out the formula.  If there is any one out there who has done this please contact me.

Well, I got everything cleaned up, thanks to my son Andy who was such a big help.  Then I was so tired I had to have a little nap.  Then, play time.

The first thing Jane and I did was experiment with a technique of blowing the ink with a straw on a piece of photo paper.  It was quite fun actually.  Here are our results:

This is Jane's.  I think it looks very vibrant and full of motion, but she didn't like it.  We ended up making embellishments out of this piece.
Here is one of the embellishments:
Now, it's my turn.  Here's what I created:

I was very pleased with the effect and plan on using it as a background for a card.

We then progressed to tiles and again, we just played and had fun experimenting with colours, movement of the ink etc. 
Here's Jane's:
I thought she did a marvelous job, and she was very pleased with the outcome and took it home proudly.

Now mine:
As you can see, quite different from Jane's.  The beauty of this product is that no matter how hard you try you cannot make the same design twice in a row.  This one is a keeper and may put it in my craft show.

I should mention that these are the small 4 1/4 by 4 1/4" tiles.

Well, it was fun to play, but now back to work.

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Vonnie said...

Hi You put alcohol on a cotton ball then choose three colors of reinkers. Put a drop or two on the cotton ball of each color. You also need to use photo paper. Dab the cotton ball on the paper and it turns out beautiful.

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