Friday, December 12, 2014

Hibiscus blooming in December

Today I started to decorate the house for Christmas when I looked up to where I was going to place the tree.  I had forgotten that I had brough the Hibiscus plant into the house in the fall, and was very surprised to find numerous large blooms on it as well as multiple buds ready to bloom.  Last week when I looked at the plant the leaves were just starting to grow back because the poor thing had lost all its leaves when I brought it inside.  So when I saw the blooms I was astonished! As you will see, the leaves are not fully back yet.

But now what to do!
I wanted to put the Christmas tree where the Hibiscus plant was.  Well, of course I moved the plant to my bedroom window as much as I enjoyed looking at the blooms.

Thought my might enjoy some pictures of the blooms and think of warmer days.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures.


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Jane said...

Gorgeous Maria. You really do have a green thumb. It is just too bad the blooms on a hibiscus do not last longer than they do.

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