Sunday, November 30, 2014

In the Nick of Time - my final craft show

What a relief!  It's been a whirlwind 6 weeks of craft show after craft show, but this show marked the end.  I don't know whether to feel sad or relieved.

This was another successful show for me in Buckhorn, with lots of customers and good sales.  It was a true Christmas atmosphere with marvelous decorations made by the volunteers, and the vendors were so friendly we were almost a family by the end of the weekend.

Just a couple of things that stuck out about this show - several people came into my booth asking if I made stamps, and one lady was expecting me to have stamps for sale.  All 3 were opportunities for education etc.   One customer who had placed a large on-line order only a few days ago came and introduced herself.  She decided to use me as her demonstrator because she had viewed my videos and then checked out my SU webside which indicated that I was a very active demonstrator.  She stated that she was amazed at how many shows and classes I was doing and was very impressed.  She ended up shopping at my booth while I chatted with her husband. So if any of you have SU websites and aren't putting your events on them, do so - people do look.

Like I mentioned, there was an air of Christmas infused in this show.  Here are some pictures that reflect that:
This was the sign at the front door.  There was another sign behind that in the flower bed in one of the planters.
Then hanging on the outside wall was a large Santa head.
The outside of the building was also decorated, with the intent to have a light show every evening to music.  Unfortunately, on Saturday night when this light/music show was about to begin, technical difficulties occured - and no music.  All the children were disappointed but there was Hot Chocolate and donouts for everyone - even the vendors.
Here are some of the hand made displays outside

And then there were these awesome wreaths made with some sort of mesh fabric.  They were scattered outside, and inside as well.  They have some talented volunteers there.
This is one of the ones outside.  Here is the indoor one.
Not only was it a craft show, but there were activities for the adults and for the children.  The adults made a swag using fresh everygreen branches and a bow, and the children made a candle holder, again using fresh materials.
Just think, they only charged $5.00 for this craft activity.
Here's what the children made.  They did a marvelous job!
So, that's it for In the Nick of Time.  I had a good time, sold lots of things, interacted with many customers, and made a lot of new friends.  What more could you ask for. What a way to end my Christmas craft season.

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