Saturday, October 11, 2014

Buckhorn Craft Show Day 1

The day did not start well.  I had left home extra early because I wanted to rearrange some things on my table, and remove some items so there wasn't so much on view.  I find if there is too much on the table people don't take the time to look and just walk on by.
I got about half was to Buckhorn when I remembered that I had forgotten my lunch and my insulin (I am diabetic), so I had no choice but to turn around and go back home.  Having gotten back on the road, I then realized that I had forgotten my camera.  I did not turn around and go back.  Unfortunately there will be no pictures for today.

It was a really busy day and sales were brisk. There were customers in my booth all day long so it was difficult to take breaks or even eat lunch.

There was no one item that sold exclusively, but an assortment of items, including Halloween candy (in cello bags or packs of 10), Treat cups that looked like Turkeys, trivets and coasters, a witch's shoe filled with cello packs of candy, a year long calendar (the size of an A2 card), post it notes, gift card holders, a box of Christmas thank you cards, Christmas tags, some Christmas cards, some birthday cards, a card for a friend, and more that I can't recall right now.  One person came to my booth and placed a large order of Stampin' Up products; 2 people expressed interest in the all day Christmas cardmaking class on Nov. 23 and card classes in general, and 2 people were looking for demonstrators in the area.  Needless to say, my business card was handed out a lot.

My tally for the day was almost $200.00 - without the SU order.

Sorry I don't have pictures for today, but like I said, my day did not start out well, despite thinking I was organized and well prepared.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
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