Monday, October 13, 2014

Buckhorn Craft Fair Day 3

I'm tired!  It's been an exhausting, but exhilerating 3 days of sharing and selling items made with Stampin' Up products and meeting potential customers.

 I can't believe how successful the event was for me. Even today, day 3 of the craft fair, which was a very slow day. was in its own way successful.   I met friends I had not seen for a while, I talked to friends of friends, an on-line customer stopped by to introduce herself (it was nice to match a face to a name), a potential client who lives in a small community near here was absolutely thrilled to hear that she could get SU products through myself ( I gave her with my card and a catalogue) and I helped another vendor find a place where he could get special stamps made for his pottery business.

The turkey dinner most had eaten yesterday made everyone sluggish.  There were fewer shoppers and those that were there were what I call "lookers" and not buyers.  A lot were even reluctant to enter my booth, eyeing my products from a "safe" distance.  As if I would bite!

And then there was the problem with the ATM machine.  I lost a few sales because the customers could not get cash out of a machine that was unpredictable in working.  I'm not at the stage where I accept credit cards nor do I use the "cube" - an attachment for an I phone (something I don't own).  So cash or cheque it is.

I had anticipated this slow down  as this had happened to me in previous craft fairs , so I brought work with me today. On Saturday a customer bought all my owl bookmarks (7), and was looking for 5 more which she ordered.  She will be picking them up next weekend when I am at the Hand of Man craft show.  So, I brought my owl punch, some pieces of chocolate chip, basic black, whisper white and red cardstock and various DSP remnants, and spent the morning punching.  In the afternoon I started assembling the owls and got quite a few done.  Customers and other vendors were quite curious as to what I was doing.

Like I said, it was a slow day, and sales were sluggish.  Total sales today were under $50.00, but the weekend total was close to $500.00 .  Needless to say, I'm very pleased with that.

Next weekend I do another 3 day craft show - Friday night, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.  Because I sold out of a number of items I will be very busy the next 3 days making more "stuff".

I'm now off to bed.

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JeanAnn said...

Maria, with all your hard work I'm glad that you did as well as you did. Keep up the good works. An on-line friend,
Jean B

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