Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Decorating and Packaging the Alcohol Inked Trivets

Making the trivets for my craft sales has been a bigger job than I anticipated, and it has taken up most of my week.  I ended up making 18 trivets and 12 coasters.
After the ink was dry, each trivet and coaster was sprayed with at least 3 coats of clear acylic spray to waterproof it.  With a time frame of at least 1/2 an hour between coats, this was quite time consuming. 
Next was a trip to Canadian Tire to the Automotive Department.  I wanted a clear acrylic spray that would provide protection from heat.  I found a spray that is used on engines and protects up to 300 degrees F.  So the spraying started again - 2 light coats, and 1 medium coat per item.
But I felt better knowing that what I created with impervious to water and protected from placing a hot object on it.
Then, using a cinnamon coloured acrylic paint the edges of each trivet/coaster was painted to give it a cleaner, more professional look.  You know how when you start one thing you end up doing something else.  That something else was painting the bottom of each item.  Have you ever noticed when a ceramic object, tea cup, plate, card, etc.is picked up to have a better look at it, the first thing that is done is turn the object over and examine the bottom.  So to neaten up the bottom I painted each with 2 coats of paint.
Finally I attached the felt feet.
Now they were done - or so I thought.
Thoughts of transporting them safely and displaying them sent me into another frenzy of activity.
First I made a box for each item - using retired Kraft designer paper that was embossed on one side.  I did not make a lid for each box, but instead made a belly band which I decorated. The belly band can be slipped off if the item needs to be examined closer.  Each one was decorated differently.  I tried to pick up the colours in the trivets.

I used a lot of dies, framelits, punches etc , some current, some retired - too many to list.  My glue gun has been invaluable.
Here is one I made:

I'm about 3/4 finished.  Some I have already wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a box ready to go.

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Nadine said...

Do you have direction on making the trivets?

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