Friday, June 6, 2014

Rose Gift Card

I had my morning coffee outside on the deck this morning and what a beautiful day!  Sitting in the sunshine, drinking my coffee, and looking out onto the lush garden was my way of starting a perfect day.  My cat, Mischief, was waiting for me just inside the screen door, occasionally meowing wanting me to come in.  He likes to cuddle before he goes to bed for the day, so he wanted me to come in so he could climb up on my lap and get lovins'.  Of course, after I finished my coffee, I obliged.

The black cat is Mischief; the black and white one is Wizard.  I lost him 2 years ago to kidney stones, and we both miss him very much.  When Wizard was alive, Mischief used to cuddle with Wizard; now he cuddles with me.

Yesterday I mentioned that I got a call from a customer who wanted a special card for a special occasion.  What she wanted was a 4 by 3" card, off white in colour, layered in black, with a 3D yellow rose on the front. She is going to insert this card into a bouquet of Roses.
Here is what I came up with:

I used the spiral flower die to make the rose, and used a left over wire stem (from a flower kit) to attach to the Rose.  The leaves are from the Petite Leaves die.  They were attached to the stem using floral tape.
The black card stock was embossed with 2 types of embossing folders just to give it a bit of dimension.  The edges were distressed as well.

Here's a close up:

She's going to pick it up on Monday morning.  Hope she likes it.

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Patricia Gessner said...

This is sure to please her and the recipient! Great idea!

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