Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bloomin' Bouquet

When I ordered the Bloomin' Bouquet kit from Stampin' Up, I wasn't sure I needed more flowers.  But upon reflection, I thought it wouldn't hurt to have more flowers for my table at the craft show this weekend.
They are very easy to make, and does not take up much of your time.
For most of the flowers I added the flowers from the Pop Up Posies designer kit.  It made the flowers look fuller and gave them an extra pizzaz!

The kit makes 13 flowers and includes everything you need to make them except for scissors, bone folder, and glue gun.  I did not make 13 flower, but 11.  There were 2 green flowers, and I elected to cut the petals apart and put leaves underneath each flower.

The watering can I made out of a paper cup.  I made it for another occasion, but decided it would do nicely for my new flowers.

Just in case you want to order them, here's the item numbers.  Flower Bouquet kit: 134524; Pop Up Posies Flower kit: 131395

Click here to see a video by Stampin' Up which has instructions on how to make the flowers.

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