Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Repurposed Book

I don't have a name for this project - just calling it a repurposed book.  Perhaps you can come up with some ideas for me.
I made this for a masculine friend of mine using an old paper back novel.
Here's the project:

1.  Select an old paper back novel - or purchase one at a second hand store
2.  Fold each page in half towards the middle
3.  When done folding, just turn the project over and sit in on the folded cover and back pages.

There's no glueing or taping involved.

That's all there is to it and you have a unique gift.  It can be used to insert business cards, other cards, or be creative and make some pop up characters on the top.
Don't forget to come up with a name for this project.  Thanks

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Kathy Berger said...

Maria, If you added some holly branches or some other greenery to it, and perhaps add some ink to the folded paper edges, I would think it might greatly resemble a Yule log. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a yule log, too!

Anonymous said...

I just pinned it and called it a Paperback Yule Log. :)

JustMeinIN said...

I like it. I bet you could use it to hold a gift card in a holder so it doesn't fall between the pages. Plus you can make one for yourself and use it to display cards

JustMeinIN said...

Maria- What about if you added a gift card in a holder? That would show off how to use the gift besides as a decoration. You could make one for yourself and display cards in it too.

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