Monday, September 24, 2012

Gourdfest 2012

I was one of the vendors at a very unique 2 day show called Gourdfest - a celebration of all things made with Gourds. When I saw everything that could be made with Gourds my jaw just dropped!!  I also sat in on a few lessons and was astonished to find that the techniques and media used to decorate Gourds are very similar, if not the same as what is used on cards - alcohol inks being one of them.
Here are a few pictures of my booth at this event:

One of my helpers, Helen
We were in one of the out buildings off the Community Center, and it was quite cool inside, so I bundled up to stay warm.  Thank goodness for a space heater.
My sales were excellent - a personal best.

Here's a picture of a gourd decorating class going on in the booth beside me.  They were using a technique called wax resist - sound familiar?

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