Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh No!! Not Again!!!

I was working at my desk downstairs when suddenly I heart a thump on the floor followed by a loud vocal exclamation from my son:  "Oh no, here we go again!"
Before I could go upstairs to see what all the fuss was about, my son came running down the stairs with broom in hand, looking for Mischief, my black cat.
There was another bat in the house!
I quickly run upstairs to the broom closet where I keep the fly swatter, the bat swirling around my head.  By this time my son had found the cat, and starting looking for the bat, which all of a sudden had disappeared. If you will recall, my cat caught the bat the last time - see here
Looking around we saw it hanging upsidedown on the kitchen curtain rod.
Slowly, but purposefully, I walked to the window, fly swatter in hand, my eyes never wavering from  my goal.
Swoosh went the swatter; splat went the bat - into the sink.  Quickly I placed the swatter over the struggling bat, while my son got the tongs.  Grabbing the bat by the wings, I quickly ran to the kitchen door and tossed the bat out into the night!
The drama was over in a matter of seconds!
The cat never had a chance at the bat this time.  This time mom was the hero.
I don't know why or how the bats are getting into the house, but they have met their match!

Hope you enjoy a repost of a Halloween card I made last year.  It seemed suitable for the event that just occured.


Carolyn said...

Could they be coming into a fireplace chimney or attic?

Barb said...

I would be freaking out and would have to move out! Thanks for the two funny stories:)

Happy Stamper said...

You are one brave woman! I presume the tongs are now only used for bat disposal, yuch!

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