Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lip Balm Holder - Tutorial

A week ago I posted a picture of a Lip Balm holder  indicating that I would make a tutorial .  Well, I finally had some time so here is the tutorial.

  • 2 pieces of card stock - in this case So Saffron and Pool Party
  • Scoring tool - Simply Scored
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon
  • Lip Balm
Step 1:
Cut 2 pieces of card stock in desired colors 5 3/4 X 31/2".  One will be the cover, and one the inner layer.

Step 2:
Using the Simply Scored board, score both pieces at 2 1/2 and 3 1/4".  Put the cover layer aside.  The remaining steps involve the inner layer.

Making the Inner Tabs:
Step 3:
Draw a 1/2" line 3/8" from the top and 2 7/8" from the side.  Do the same at the bottom. These will form the top and bottom tabs that keep the lip balm secure.
Draw a 1 1/2 line from the right score line and 1 1/4" from the top.  Do the same from the bottom.  This forms the middle tab through which the lip balm is inserted.
 Score along the red lines using the Simply Scored.

Step 4:
Fold the card stock along the score line that intersects the middle.
Cut the pencil lines with a scissors up to the score line (red)

Step 5:
Fold along the score lines.  The slots fold in the opposite direction of the score marks.
Decorate the inner piece.
Step 6:
Attach the ribbon to the outer layer.

Making Holder:
Step 7:
Apply adhesive to wrong side of both outer edges of inner layer and attach it to the outer layer, matching edges.  Make sure the side with the pencil marks is on the inside.
Step 8:
Secure Lip Balm in the middle tab.  The upper and lower tabs prevent the lip balm from falling out.

Step 9:
Decorate outside as desired.  Tie ribbon to keep closed. Below is another lip balm holder I made.

Tip: If you are planning on making multiple lip balm holders, make a template of the inner layer so that the measurements do not have to be done over and over again.


margret said...

Thank You for this tutorial. I love Your prokect
Greetings from Germany

Regina said...

Simply fabulous! Thanks for the tutorial!

hugs Regina

CherylAnn Robinson said...

This is a very pretty card/folder. It would make a beautiful gift for any female recipient. Thanks for sharing!

Micupoftea~ said...

How clever! I like this idea~ I made a pocket card that holds tea bags or gift cards. TFS :)
poetryinapotoftea said...

This neat be nice for Christmas gift get a well made lip bomb & another small gift.Or kids giving their school friends one ..Great idea,Thank's

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