Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Watercolor Backgrounds using Markers

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I attended a class where I learned how to create wonderful backgrounds using markers on watercolor paper.
This class was taught by Shirley Deatcher from Paper Creations at our local scrapbooking store Crop Circles, owned by Helen and Ted Howard here in Peterborough, Ontario.
Check these blog posts to see the wonderful creations made:
Crop Circles blog: here
Shirley's blog: here

Here are some of the backgrounds I created:
When I got home I got out my markers and watercolor paper and went to town.  Boy, its messy (we all had blue/purple fingers) but the effect is stunningly simple.
1.  Take at least 3 colors of markers
2.  Scribble them randomly on watercolor paper (140 lb is best)
3.  Spritz the paper with water and watch the colors blend. Make sure your work surface is protected and that you have paper towel handy.
4.  Toss on a bit of coarse salt (Kosher or Sea salt) - they leave the little clear spots that you see in the above pictures)
5.  Let dry.

Here's the one I did at home.  I was a bit disappointed with it at first because I thought it looked a bit muddy.  But I waited until it was dry to determine if it was useable, which of course it was.
I immediately thought of the retired stamp "Sail Away" and made a Father's Day card

Note:  Watercolor paper has 2 sides to it - a smooth side and a roughter side.  If you are planning on stamping, create your background on the smooth side.  And your images come out sharper is they are embossed.
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