Monday, February 20, 2012

Mug Organizers

I saw this idea on a blogsite before Christmas but did not have time to make any mug organizers until now.  They're a fantastic idea for a craft table, to keep by the phone, to organize make up, and all it takes is a bit of material, some quilting batting, bias tape and thread and an old mug - and a sewing machine of course.  The pattern is from Simplicity #2450 (mug covers)

They make great gifts for uplines, down lines, teachers, mothers, any crafter, or anyone wanted to organize a small space.

I made one of these using the fabric from Stampin' Up.  You'll recognize the pattern.

These mug covers are super easy to make, that is, if you know how to sew.
Above you can see the organizer with all sorts of pockets for inside (top half) and outside (lower half).  The upper half is inserted into the mug and attached in the handle with velccro.

Here is another one I made that |I am using to organize my sewing supplies.

I buy my mugs at thrift stores for .25cents or less.
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