Friday, December 9, 2011

Kindness Matters - Try Stampin' On Tuesday #44

I was shopping at the grocery store the other day and I  had to pay a quarter had to be get a cart.  As I was getting my cart, I noticed an elderly gentleman rummaging through his pockets looking for a quarter, and all he could come up with was nickles and pennies.  So, without thinking about it, I pulled out a quarter and gave it to him.  "Merry Christmas", I said.  He tried to give me the change he had, but I just put up my hand and repeated "Merry Christmas". 
The look on his face was one of astonishment and then gratitude. That was enough thanks for me.
Random acts of kindess are wonderful!
Kindness does matter!!
When I was rummaging through my stamp sets for the sketch challenge with Try Stampin' on Tuesday here, I found a stamp set that was perfect for the occasion, and reflective of how I was feeling.
Kindness is like a butterfly- flitting about making people feel good, never asking for thanks and then moving on.