Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stylish Blog Award

What a surprise!!!.  Today Debbie Martin me the Styhlish Blogger Award.  I'm blown away.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would ever get something like this.
I've only been blogging for a year and appreciate all the comments and feedback I've received.  The encouragement and support I've received have kept me going through many a bad day.
 I enjoy creating and I enjoy sharing and isn't that what Stampin Up is all about.? 
For once I am at a loss for words.
As part of getting this award, I have to relate 8 things about myself and then pass the award on to 8 others.
1.  I am a retired college professor, having taught nursing for 35 years.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and a Master's Degree in Education\
2.  I love my garden and my flowers.  I know most of them by name and am familiar with their growing habits.  In the spring I split my perennials and have a plant sale - the proceeds of which go back into my garden, bringing in new species etc. My neighbours call me the "plant lady" and am often called upon to consult about flower problems.
3.  In the summer months I sell my cards at craft fairs and farmers markets. \here I am known as the "card lady".
4.  I have 2 cats who run my life.  The black one is called Mischief - well named - and the black and white one is called Wizard. To then I'm the 'cat lady"
5.  I hold card making classes in my home.
6.  When my 3 children were very young I divorced my husband and raised them on my own.  They are now adults - one is a school teacher and has 3 children, one is a manager in a computer store, and one is still looking for employment.
7.  I recently started scrapbooking my family's history
8.  I have 3 grand children and 2 grand puppies - one of whom is blind.  To them I am Grandma V

These are 8 individuals who have inspired me and I am passing the award on to them.  Check out their blogs and congratulate them.

   Tiffany Bauer 
   Vicki Burdick
   Sharon Field 
   Liz Goldhawk

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