Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas ornaments

These ornaments were made in class last week.  Each student made one of each kind of ornament, and because we were finished early, I showed them how to stamp and emboss on candles.
In the first ornament, the Dasher stamp was embossed with gold embossing powder on a medium window sheet. A circle traced using the circumference of an empty button container was cut out just inside the trace lines. The image was rolled up and inserted into the ornament.  Silver chunky crystals  made it look like dasher's feet were in snow.
Check out Tami White's video here
The second ornament was made using matching colors of reinkers and  fine stampin glitter. Check out Tami White's video here

The ornaments were decorated using ribbon, mini glue dots and dazzling diamonds, red sticky tape and fine glitter, rub-ons and decor elements. We also made ornaments using the silver tinsel with buttons and tinsel and glitter.  The latter two would be great projects to do with children.

This is the sample candle.  Dasher was embossed with gold embossing powder and stamped on the candle.
The technique is very easy to do. (P.S. Use only non scented candles)
1.  Stamp image on white tissue paper using Versa mark.
2.  Apply gold embossing powder, and emboss using heat gun (only takes a few seconds)
3. Carefully cut as close to the image as possible
4. Apply a bit of glue stick to the candle where you want the image to be
5.  Attach tissue and image to the candle.
6.  Take a piece of waxed paper and cover the image.  The piece should be big enough so that you can grasp a handful behind the candle.  This is how you will hold the candle for the next step.
7.  Apply heat gun to image for brief periods - only until you see the tissue melts into the wax,  This takes only a few seconds.
8.  Roll the candle on a hard surface
9,  Remove waxed paper carefully, checking to make sure the image has transferred to the candle.
10.  Now decorate your candle.The candle is safe to burn


Angélique said...

Oh my!! I just love your ornaments and candle!
I defenately will try this at home some day next week or so. WOW! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jane said...

This (the candle) is an awsome technique!!Learned it in Maria's class and made some the next day and a card to match. Came out very elegant looking. It does not get easier than that for a great gift

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